The global economy is split into three sectors: agriculture, manufacturing and services. As of 2013, agriculture accounted for just 6 percent of global GDP, having been overtaken by both the manufacturing sector and services sector in importance during the past several centuries. Nevertheless, agriculture is the
most important of the three economic sectors when it comes to human survival.

In developing countries, agriculture retains a significantly larger share of the overall economy than in developed countries. Moreover, due to limited automation in the farming sectors of developing countries, agriculture accounts for a much larger share of the labor force compared to developed countries. For example, while less than one percent of the US labor force was employed by the agricultural sector in 2013, almost 50 percent of India’s labor force was employed by the agricultural sector.

The world’s largest agriculture producers are China, India and the US. These three also happen to be the world’s three most populated countries. The world population is expected to grow from around 7 billion in 2013 to close to 10 billion by 2050, putting huge strains on the global farming sector and on the environment.