Highly Distributed Content Managed as a Single Repository

Information in an enterprise is generated in paper and electronic formats- generated across the enterprise from several sources and used in various formats, local or cloud located enterprise content can be hard to access and use. Your employees waste hundreds of productive hours just to access the information they need. Delayed decisions owing to fragmented and incoherent information can erode your Organization’s market position leaving several dissatisfied customers and confused employees.

Solutions4Business integrates your existing data and systems with solutions and processes that ensure easy access of re-structured content in an easy to assimilate form for all users.

In the information age, empower your employees with the data they need to arrive at the right conclusions-so your customers benefit from their informed decisions. Solutions4Business partners with you to discover your hidden Gold Mine -Managed Enterprise content can put you in front of the competition.

An efficient content management in an enterprise provides useful insights into company’s vital information stored in diverse forms. Access has to be seamless, fast and user friendly with technology minimizing human effort. The upsurge of information cannot be handled in an uncluttered, systematic and reliable manner using conventional methods of data management such as portals, file shares, forms or records.

ECM solutions can be offered in three ways to suit your unique business requirements.

  • Installed on your company’s internal network
  • Ported on a Software as a Service (SaaS) platform
  • Run on both your company’s internal network and Saas Platform to give your employees full and seamless access to meaningful content.

S4B offers an array of sustainable and intuitive content management solutions tailored to your organization’s present and future needs. Our umbrella of services and implementations include document management, web content management, advance search logic, records management, digital asset management and workflow management.