Maximum Customer Value, Minimum Waste!

The ultimate goal is to offer a perfect value to the customers through a flawless value creation process which results into zero waste.

The rewards for undertaking LEAN Supplier Development initiatives are worth the effort. For example, some of the advantages of an effective process and operational development program include:

  • LEAN Supplier Development to enhanced financial performance
  • Development Approach of a LEAN Supplier which is time tested and workable
  • Execution of the Improved Measures
  • Focusing on the key factor – The Culture
  • Achieving LEAN Rapid Results
  • Case Studies that yields significant ROI

Thus, a LEAN supplier development program must be aimed at improving suppliers performance, not browbeating them into charging less or simply auditing and rewarding them. This program provides supply chain professionals with a time tested approach towards reducing costs through a formal supplier development program that involves the culture and series of Lean Rapid Results projects.