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Company Profile

Rancho La Puerta operates as a holistic health spa and eco-resort. It is family owned and is situated on the slopes of Mount Kuchumaa. For more information, visit Rancho La Puerta's website!

The center’s services include

  • spa
  • fitness
  • body treatment
  • cooking school
  • yoga
  • accommodations.

The company takes great pride in providing its guests with quality services in a calm and inviting setting. Over the years, the company has received many top honors from the Travel and Leisure World’s Best Awards. Rancho La Puerta was the first true fitness resort and spa in North America. It welcomes guests to 3,000 acres of private gardens, mountains and meadows.

Business situation

Rancho La Puerta business situation was much like many other resorts today. The company had a vast amount of internal data but did not know how exactly to leverage this data to attract and nurture potential customers in a digitized world.

The company’s information gathering network consists of a reservation system, a loyalty program system and a website that communicates very effectively. Their loyalty program is called Ranch Circle, but because of the existence of multiple systems, interfaces and lack of resources the information gathered could not be used to its fullest potential.

The company’s leadership envisioned Digital Marketing as a key enablers to their sales and marketing strategy. Rancho La Puerta’s Sales and Marketing team needed business partner’s that not only offer a robust marketing automation tools, but also understands the industry operations, can extract and analyze data from the internal systems and assist them in their digital transformation. After thorough review Rancho shortlisted Solutions4Business Inc. to enabled their digital marketing journey and drive implementation of Hubspot’s marketing automation tools.

Hubspot is one of the leaders in the digital marketing arena. Using Hubspot would enable Rancho La Puerta to have a single point of entry for all of its data collection. Rancho’s marketing team was also keen on taking advantage of the impressive array of marketing and analytical tools available in Hubspot.

Technical situation

Rancho La Puerta had a lot of data in a number of different places but was not able to utilize that to detect and advance sales opportunities. Solutions4Business was able to come up with a two prong approach which ensured Hubspot marketing automation platform was ready for campaigning quickly while long term systemic interface solution was executed. Starting phase of the initiative included analyzing the data across multiple systems so that the Rancho’s marketing team takes full advantage of the information readily available while in parallel work went on to automate the data interface from Rancho’s internal systems to the marketing automation platform.

By conducting the data analysis, Solutions4Business was able to help Rancho La Puerta understand its customers’ marketing relevant attributes and also assisted in the understanding of the importance of data present in the company’s systems. Things such as objectives and goals for vacationers were identified. Marketable demographics and customer data from the core reservations system was analyzed and organized.

Solutions4Business identified:

  • Has the customer stayed at one of Rancho La Puerta’s resorts in past?
  • How old is the customer’s association with Rancho La Puerta?
  • What are the customers' preferences and goals?
  • Differentiation between potential vs. actual customers.

After all of the data was analyzed and agreed upon, the next phase of the project was obvious: integrating the data into the new Marketing Platform. As described above, Rancho La Puerta has a number of systems that do various things for them. In each one of these systems are data points that need to go into Hubspot. Automating this data between systems was going to be a challenge.


It was determined early on that Rancho La Puerta did not have the IT resources to complete the data integration into Hubspot. Solutions4Business created a cross functional team to map out and
agree on the integration portion of the project.

Solutions4Business deployed it’s proven Project Management framework that included, Project Manager, Developers and Technology experts from each of the software system affected. Solutions4Business was able to create a process to extract data, scrub the data in its own server in order to validate the data, and then upload into Hubspot.

This process before the integration was completely manual and extremely cumbersome. After the integration, data was updated on a daily basis and any possible data errors were kicked out accompanied by a report that Rancho La Puerta’s Digital Marketing expert was able to view easily and take corrective actions as needed.


Rancho La Puerta has been able to create specialized communications for its highly segmented customer base. This has significantly improve sales and marketing outreach program. Digital marketing team now has confidence in the vacationers’ data, because of the reassurance that this data is up to date and contains valid marketable attributes.

Understanding its customers’ behavior and utilizing their data was a priority for Rancho La Puerta and the digital marketing team has begun its journey on a fine footing. However, this is the first step in its Digital Marketing transformation journey.

Rancho La Puerta will need to continue and incorporate additional attributes that it is able to harvest and build on customer segmentation. Continuing to focus on different segments as well as utilizing the reporting functions in Hubspot will be a notable victory. Hubspot’s capability of advanced workflows will be critical to nurture the marketing leads into a paying resort visitors.

Solutions4Business team is proud to have walked Rancho La Puerta towards its Digital transformation journey.

There were many benefits seen by Rancho La Puerta among them few are noteworthy:


Increase in no of marketable contacts in the Hubspot Marketing Automation platform vs. a legacy e-mail marketing platform in use


Increase in customer marketing relevant attributes


Increase in targeted mailing list based on demographic data


"I am grateful for the hard work and exemplary service provided by Prateek and his team. Solutions4business not only helped us integrate and organize all of our reservations/client data into our new Marketing Platform but they also helped us to create and implement an ongoing process to take advantage of the data that we have collected. Their staff is very flexible and they have been able to provide us with the exact support that we needed."

- Gretta Perlmutter,
Marketing and Communications Specialist

"Rancho La Puerta has been looking to scale up it’s digital presence and it needed expert guidance on how to leverage Hubspot’s marketing platform and that is where Solutions4Business (“S4B”) deep expertize in marketing automation has been of tremendous help. S4B's team created a simple approach to get the Hubspot platform ready for campaigning. S4B analyzed the data from our hotel management system, loyalty program and e-mail marketing tool and was able to build a marketing smart list with multiple sets of customer attributes that ensures we can build targeted campaigns. S4B has helped us take first step in a digital transformation journey. It has been a pleasure working with them."

- Roma Maxwell, Director of Sales and Marketing

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