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Peris Chamberlin

Supply Planner, Soup Sauces and Gravies, Unilever NA
The System Audit performed by Prateek Parakh and his team provided us with a working system for the first time since the launch of the APO system. They completed a thorough step-by-step diagnostic of the SAP APO planning books. They were able to ascertain the specific issues to each planner’s SNP planning books and implement mass updates to fix chronic issues. Towards the end of the audit, Prateek and team spent time interacting with each planner individually, to give them a depth of understanding of root cause issues. And finally, they were able to setup follow up training with our business specific capabilities groups for retention learning. In a company where systems and consultants are the key to becoming 1st in the market, Solutions4Business has proved to be a key partner in reaching the business’ aspirations.
Max Milizia

Manager, Dry Savoury , Supply Chain, Unilever NA
Prateek Parakh and his team were truly instrumental in improving the reliability of the SAP/APO tool for our supply chain planners. They started the process by performing a detailed interview with each supply planner on the intricacies of their business followed by an audit of their system settings. Over the course of several weeks they were able to make vast improvements to the system and gain back the confidence of the supply planners to utilize the tools of SAP/APO when planning their weekly production schedule. We also noticed a large decrease in performing offline planning along with a tremendous drop in unplanned demand.
Prateek and his team are extremely knowledgeable and always had a can do perspective when asked for assistance in tackling questions the team had. Our team is grateful for all the assistance and improvements that have been made.

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