Deadlines are fun with master solutions that deliver real value.

Management of projects is not a cakewalk. We make it possible offering you an insight of all the minute detailing and processes for guaranteed results and on-time delivery.

Strategy By Solutions4Business


Combining project management techniques and business strategies for better results. Our well planned concepts worth a Fortune 100 position will assist your company in reaping faster benefits by reducing time to market.

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Project Management Office Setup By Solutions4Business

Project Management Office Setup

Results of any organization maximize due to its projects and use of valuable resources. We are with you right from confirming objectives and sponsorship to plan and execute consistently.

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ISO 21500 Project Management Guidance By Solutions4Business

ISO 21500 Project Management Guidance

Demonstrates high level of processes and concepts to adopt good project practices. S4B assists the businesses in the entire hierarchy of project management system.

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PMO / Governance Models By Solutions4Business

PMO / Governance Models

Provides framework of management for project discussions. Our robust mechanisms provide strong base of high end solutions for proper alignment between business workflow and value driven results.

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Training / Core Capability Development By Solutions4Business

Training / Core Capability Development

With an abreast position in the technical arena, we cling onto quality, integrity, objectivity, dedication and consistency for the best results. It ensures success and expertise in capability development.

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Organizational Change Management By Solutions4Business

Organizational Change Management

Our consultants draft a well organized framework to help management of the effective business processes, cultural or organization’s structural changes within any enterprise.

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Resource Management By Solutions4Business

Resource Management

Incorporating effective and efficient deployment of required organizational resources. We provide assistance in allocating appropriate workforce and tools for increased profitability which enhances the credibility of your brand.

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Establishing & Auditing Internal Project Controls By Solutions4Business

Establishing & Auditing Internal Project Controls

Assistance in fields like stakeholder expectations, strategic plan, developing or acquiring infrastructure, mission statement, establishing budgets and communication protocols and possible outcomes.

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Project Knowledge Management By Solutions4Business

Project Knowledge Management

Experience complete benefits of diverse facets like knowledge oriented environment, consistent improvement for ensured results, and enhancing operational relevance of project knowledge management practice.

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Project Selection By Solutions4Business

Project Selection

Open up the most dynamic areas of project selection; let our consultants help you considering the biodiversity, economic, social and cultural norms for meeting the corporate as well as environmental commitments.

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Review & Recovery By Solutions4Business

Review & Recovery

Complete assistance in reviewing the project as per resource availability, scope, roles and responsibility. We also offer project recovery methods from stakeholder management to re-justifying and replacing technical issues.

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Project Audits & Maturity Assessment By Solutions4Business

Project Audits & Maturity Assessment

Assessment assistance on company’s diverse leveled of project management. Helping you to select the best practices apart from identifying the project improvement areas for ROI and success rate enhancement.

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Project Execution By Solutions4Business

Project Execution

Drawing clear set of goals plays essential role in project management and greatly impacts the project investment. Our consultants assist you with scheduling and phase detailing before project initiation.

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Project Schedule Reduction By Solutions4Business

Project Schedule Reduction

With our dedicated team of seasoned talent, minimize the take away time of the project. Our experienced and streamlined performance enables you with daily task listing and to manipulate time consuming steps.

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Risk Analysis / Mitigation By Solutions4Business

Risk Analysis / Mitigation

Taking adequate precautions during project life cycle can fix a project from getting broken. Analyzing, predicting and planning for impending risks is the most crucial part of project management. Mitigate risk, alleviate profits.

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Conflict Management By Solutions4Business

A Proven Approach to managing

As human beings we encounter and deal with conflict every day. Conflict is so common, we often don’t recognize many of its manifestations. And if these conflicts go unresolved the impact to your business can be significant.

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