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The whole world wants better mobility.

The motor vehicle industry has a disproportionate impact on demand for a host of other products, including aluminium, elastomers, glass, rubber, steel, tires and more. We have the expertise to look into each component of a vehicle and its supply chain.

The whole world wants better mobility

The motor vehicle industry has a disproportionate impact on demand for a host of different products. Our experts can help drive value to your supply chain offering an end-to-end consulting solutions ecosystem.

The global motor vehicle market is significantly important to the economies of virtually every single country. Approximately, 90 million motor vehicles were sold worldwide in 2013. This translates to a market value of around $1.5 trillion, which is equivalent to Canada’s GDP. Moreover, growing demand for motor vehicles heavily influences demand for a host of other products, including aluminum, electronics, glass, paint, plastic, rubber, tires and more.

At Solutions 4 Business, we offer research and forecasting services related to the motor vehicle industry as well as to the above mentioned major downstream industries directly impacted by motor vehicle sales. Our industry experts can advise you in a number of areas, including:

  • How to take optimum advantage of growth opportunities in the developed world, especially in heavily populated countries with low current motor vehicle utilization rates (e.g., China, India, Indonesia).
  • Analyze the impact of increasing sales of hybrid vehicles, electric vehicles, natural gas powered vehicles and other alternative energy based vehicles.
  • Examine and improve horizontal as well as vertical integration strategies.
  • Enhance the efficiency of the existing motor vehicle supply chain.
  • Examine the hype behind self-driving cars.
  • Investment prospects in fast growing foreign markets as well as investment in foreign manufacturing hubs.

IT-Driven Solutions

After consulting with your concerned departments, we will recommend the latest and most efficient IT solutions for your particular needs. Our recommendations may include our own proprietary software products as well as leading industry recommended standard products from Microsoft, Oracle, SAP, SAS and so forth.

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