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Solutions4Business’ industry renowned proficiency in supply chain management is especially applicable to the manufacturing sector. We will improve any manufacturer’s raw material sourcing and distribution network efficiency.

The global economy is split into three sectors: agriculture, manufacturing and services. A few centuries ago, agriculture accounted for the vast majority of world GDP. However, the industrial revolution in the 1700s and 1800s resulted in manufacturing surpassing agriculture in importance and continuously expanding its lead in subsequent years.

However, in the latter part of the 20th century, the services sector grew strongly and surpassed manufacturing in importance, a lead that continues to expand to this day. As of 2013, around 6 percent of world GDP was accounted for by agriculture, 30 percent was accounted by manufacturing and a majority 64 percent was accounted by services.

Nevertheless, manufacturing will continue to remain important in the coming decades, in spite of increasing automation trends and continued strong growth in the global services sector. China is the world’s largest manufacturing nation, well ahead of second placed US. No other country approaches these two in importance, although India, Japan and Germany are also significant.

Among key issues that are currently affecting the global manufacturing sector include:

  • A deceleration in manufacturing growth in China, where labor and resource costs have risen, resulting in more expensive products with less of a competitive advantage in export markets. Nevertheless, growth in China will still significantly exceed the world average pace in the next decade.
  • A rebound in the battered US manufacturing sector, spurred by a surge in domestic oil and gas production due to newer extraction techniques enabling significant new production from shale formations. Besides the obvious increase in manufacturing activity in the energy sector, this trend has also benefitted many other industries due to cheaper oil and gas prices in the US making local production of products such as plastics and chemicals much more competitive.
  • Increasing manufacturing of a range of recently popular products such as 3D printers, electric cars, smartphones, tablet computers, wind turbines and more.
  • Increasing automation of manufacturing processes as robotics and artificial intelligence continue to advance rapidly. For example, Taiwan’s Foxconn (the world’s largest electronics contracter manufacturer) has stated a goal of having a million “robot workers” by the end of 2014. The company plans to make Apple’s new iPhone 6 with a “robot army”.
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