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Today’s customer is both king and queen

We can improve your shoppers’ experience across all sales channels. Moreover, we can revamp your supply chain based on our years of experience in that sector.

With the advent of e-commerce, today’s retail landscape is unrecognizable from what it was in the pre-internet era. Businesses must focus on multiple sales channels (in-store, phone, online) in the modern age, and also maintain a strong social media presence as well as monitor review sites such as yelp and more.

In addition, retailers have to ensure that their supply chain is efficient, cost effective and makes use of the latest performance measurement technologies. In the age of online price comparisons and 1-day delivery options via and other online retailers, the modern customer has extremely high expectations regarding price, quality and service.

Our Offerings

Solutions4Business can offer the following services pertaining to the global home and personal care sector:
We will conduct primary and secondary research and provide you with key findings such as present market size, market outlook, current market share rankings and competitive environment, overall market environment, industry innovations and much more. We can conduct research at the national, regional and/or international level.
Social Media and Analytics
Product demand in today’s world is heavily driven by social media. We can advise you on your current social media strategy and recommend modifications. This is also closely tied into customer analytics. We have the capability and experience to create and conduct customer satisfaction surveys, results from which will enable you to fine tune your overall business strategy.
Supply Chain Management
Improve the efficiency of your existing supply chain via our analysis and recommendations based on past experience and in-house tools.
IT Infrastructure Services
We can advise you on the best options for your internal IT infrastructure. We are well versed in a number of latest technologies, and are partners with many software companies.
Marketing Strategy Consulting
Recommendations on pricing, packaging, promotion and more.
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