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No matter what industry you are in, some problems are universal across all sectors.

Among these include modern IT infrastructure needs, efficient cost effective supply chain requirements, and a thorough understanding of the competition. Our clients have been successfully staying ahead of the curve with S4B’s unique partnership.

Work - Industries - Automotive Services by Solutions4Business


Hybrids, electric cars and other alternative energy based vehicle sales are booming, while on-board electronics are become ever more sophisticated. OEM motor vehicle manufacturers can work with us to ensure a robust supply chain.

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Work - Industries - Consumer Goods - Electronics Services by Solutions4Business


We know consulting is not just related to the talking but an intelligent holistic approach with an aim of long-term growth, product lifecycle management and sustained efficiency. S4B puts its heart and soul to leverage your company with proven models and successful experience of cost reduction techniques.

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Work - Industries - Health Care Services by Solutions4Business

Health Care

Aging populations, a maze of complicated insurance plans to choose from, medical tourism, private versus state healthcare, groundbreaking discoveries in biotechnology/genetics/stem cell research, the obesity epidemic and much more. No other field is this exciting and this complicated.

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Work - Industries - Telecommunications Services by Solutions4Business


Increasing broadband connectivity and mobile device penetration is revamping the global telecommunications sector. We can advise you on your particular strategy geared towards your location and target demographic segment.

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Work - Industries - Consumer Goods Services by Solutions4Business

Consumer Goods

Whether you produce food and beverage items, cosmetics and toiletries, or electronics, the challenges for all consumer goods manufacturing are similar. We are especially experienced in this arena, with numerous projects under our belt for world leading CPG companies.

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Work - Industries - Manufacturing Services by Solutions4Business


We can improve your raw material sourcing costs and reliability, your distribution capabilities and your overall production process. We make use of the latest technologies that undertake real-time monitoring and feedback loops.

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Work - Industries - Hi-Tech Services by Solutions4Business


A majority of newer industries can be classified as hi-tech, including artificial intelligence, nanotechnology, 3D printing and robotics. All of these require new business models and represent unique challenges that we at Solutions4Business can help tackle.

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Work - Industries - Public Sector Services by Solutions4Business

Public Sector

Government owned companies are often less efficient than privately owned companies. Solutions4Business can revamp your existing business practice.

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Work - Industries - Education Services by Solutions4Business


From creating specialized e-learning solutions for your institution to instructional design, our solutions will ensure cost savings for your institution and improved student performance.

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Work - Industries - Construction Services by Solutions4Business


From materials procurement to adhering to local and national government regulations to bidding and working on international projects, we can aid you in all facets of your business.

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Work - Industries - Retail Services by Solutions4Business


Modern retail entails multiple sales channels, including in-store, phone and online. The online channel is especially important and includes social media and review sites. Allow us to take care of all facets your retail needs.

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Work - Industries - Information Services by Solutions4Business

Information Services

Increasing broadband connectivity and mobile device penetration are making traditional media and information delivery systems obsolete. We can help you with you digital offerings and social media strategies.

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Work - Industries - Energy and Alternate Energy Services by Solutions4Business

Energy and Alternative Energy

We can help you with improving your operational efficiency, IT infrastructure and safety standards, while at the same time navigating the complex modern interconnected world of renewable and nonrenewable energy.

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Work - Industries - Financial Services by Solutions4Business

Financial Services

Solutions4Business will work with banks, capital market entities and insurers and help them reduce their risk, adhere to the latest regulatory standards, and continue to provide excellent services in a highly competitive world with increasingly educated and aware consumers.

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Work - Industries - Insurance Services by Solutions4Business


From business processing services to big data analytics to social media, we tackle the insurance industry from a modern day perspective.

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Work - Industries - Agriculture Services by Solutions4Business


The global economy is split into three sectors: agriculture, manufacturing and services. As of 2013, agriculture accounted for just 6 percent of global GDP, having been overtaken by both the manufacturing sector and services sector in importance during the past several centuries.

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Work - Industries - Chemical Services by Solutions4Business


The chemical industry is cyclical and strongly tied to the overall economy and to overall energy prices. We can advise you on how best to hedge against disruptions external to your own area of specialty.

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Work - Industries - Distribution & Transportation Services by Solutions4Business

Distribution & Transport

Solutions4Business’ industry renowned knowledge in supply chain management entails a strong understanding of logistics. We will work with you to ensure greatest efficiency and cost savings when it comes to your distribution and transportation network.

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