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Talent Power Drives Peak Performance

Transitions or large Projects, our Team Competency Model ensures total utilization of human resource potential with clean alignment to roles and responsibilities. Your People are productively engaged for success.

Competent People for Complex Assignments

Solutions4Business partners to fulfill human resource demands and at the same time build a robust organizational structure given complex business environments. Using best practices in a given industry and your specific requirements, we source talented people who fit right into your distinctive business culture and achieve results.

Competency models have evolved as essential tools to describe roles and evaluate performance against clearly defined job requirements. Competency models also connect individual roles and responsibilities to the related elements of organizational strategy.

Our competency model empowers employees who achieve results through value creation against clearly defined expectations that are required for overall organizational success. The S4B competency model ensures alignment of individual job descriptions to corresponding business necessities. With a sound understanding of your core competency needs pertaining to employee capabilities, attitude, knowledge and skills, we use our unique competency model to ensure that your employees work together towards larger organizational goals.

Process Overview

  • Solutions4Business expert team initiates the process by clearly understanding the business strategy, strengths, challenges, aspirations and culture of any organization
  • Combining business information gathered with employee data relating to skills, behavior, experience and miscellaneous attributes, we use our proprietary competency model to asses fit with your business requirements
  • Our in-depth knowledge and decades of research based on the outstanding performers helps plan key roles and associated benchmark performance characteristics in different industries
  • Our skilled team uses information gathered to proactively map the organization’s future competency requirements precisely and identify any gaps present in the existing talent pool
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