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En route Different Business Challenges!

Solutions4Business offers its clients the option to request customized research solutions in order to drive their business forward by learning from key market insights.

Customized Methodologies to meet your Objectives!

Our research is optimized for your specific needs and no-one else will have an access to this proprietary research or its findings. We will undertake both primary and secondary research on your behalf.

  • Our staff includes people with research experience in an assortment of industries, including automotive, chemicals, construction, consumer goods, electronics, energy, food and beverage, metals, plastics, information technology and more.
  • Prior to commencing a project, we will arrange an in-person or online (Skype, Lync etc.) meeting with you where we discuss mutual expectations, workflow details, contract details, deadlines and more.
  • We will delegate staff to the project based on the industry/specialty we will be dealing with as well as based on the approximate proportion of primary to secondary research time we estimate for the project.
  • Over the duration of our contract, we will have regular meetings with you during which we will provide updates on the work completed thus far.

Customized Research is important to:

  • Gauge the overall market size for your product.
  • Determine existing market share breakouts by company.
  • Analyze the competitive and market environment for your industry.
  • Aid decision making when considering entering new geographic markets.
  • Determine future growth prospects for your product and industry.
  • Analyze existing supply chain and distribution channels.
  • Estimate plant capacities where appropriate.
  • Aid in decision making regarding potential mergers and acquisitions.
  • To gather insights into technological developments in your industry
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