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  • Robots in Warehousing, Distribution and Fulfillment

    Not Just for Manufacturing Anymore. Since the advent of the global robotics industry, the single largest area of use has been in the manufacturing sector.

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  • US Oil & Gas Outlook: Declining Energy Prices

    The US energy sector is presently undergoing a tectonic shift that has global ramifications due to the importance of the US economy (the world’s largest in 2013).

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  • U.S Motor Vehicle Industry & Market Outlook

    The US motor vehicle industry directly and indirectly accounts for a major component of the US economy.

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  • The evolution of containers, container ships and global trade

    The metal shipping container was invented in the US in the 1950s, with American Malcolm McLean generally credited with its development into a uniform product in 1956.

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  • The US Market for Spices: A RE:search+ Report

    From use as a flavoring in food to satisfy the palate to use as a supplement for health benefits, the spice market takes a turn for the good!

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  • United States Getting Ready for High Tea: A RE:search+ Report

    When someone enjoys a hot cup of tea, and the warm feeling of steam reaches their face….or when they take that final swig of iced tea on a hot summer day and as the ice cubes slide into their mouth, all they are thinking about is enjoying the moment.

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  • The Motor Vehicle Industry's Miserable Year and more | 2014 US Product Recalls Overview

    Product recalls in the US reached a record high in 2014. Government agencies responsible for issuing recall notices and recommendation are becoming increasingly stringent.

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  • Logistics in the US

    Logistics is the management of the flow of goods from origin to final destination. The biggest component of logistics is transportation, with warehousing also significant.

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  • Changing Demographics present huge opportunities for Rice Industry in the US

    Rice demand in the US stands to benefit from an increasingly diverse population combined with the fact that rice does not contain gluten.

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  • Italian Pasta vs. A Couscous and Quinoa Generation

    Although pasta originated in Italy, the US is the world’s leading consumer of this product. However, demand growth is now weak and pasta manufacturers must find creative ways in which to jumpstart the market.

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