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Are you considering taking over a company in a particular industry in which you have limited or no presence? Are you considering expanding your business in a new geographic location? Are you interested in succinct and to the point within your budget reports? Ask us about our existing Packaged products that can help you with all the above and more.

At Solutions4Business, we have published numerous reports on various Industries over the years.

Some are short 4-page or so summaries of niche products and their local markets, while others are significantly lengthier (up to 50 pages) and cover national or global markets. All of these reports typically include analysis on the current market, market share breakouts, growth prospects, international trade and domestic production. Instead of paying someone to start work on a new research project, you can purchase our existing Packaged work immediately.

Among our specialties include our food and beverage line of reports that cover the US market for well known as well as niche food and beverage sector products (e.g., hummus, pasta sauce, spices, tea etc.).

Relative to other market research firms, we are also far more experienced in the supply chain sector and some of our reports are heavily focused in that arena. Instead of just analyzing a market, we also undertake extensive analysis of the supply chain for that particular industry.

Highlights of our Reports include:

Current Market/Demand Overview.
Current Production Overview.
International Trade Overview.
Pricing Analysis.
Future Growth Prospects Analysis.
Market Share Analysis.


Food & Beverages Industry: US Hummus Report

Report Highlights: Solutions4Business is one of a select few companies in the world that publishes small concise reports on niche food and beverage items. Moreover, we have a strong focus on such products in the US market. This US Hummus report covers a food item whose sales have boomed in the past decade after starting from a negligible base.

Future growth prospects also seem very robust in the short term based on limited existing penetration in US households implying significant room for market expansion. Hummus is also considered to be a far healthier product in comparison to existing popular snack items in the US. You can access this report by registering your information as requested. For more reports similar to this one, you will need to purchase individual reports or subscribe for a package in which you get access to all our food and beverage sector reports.


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