World Class Warehouse operations effectively manage all aspects of every activity, down to the most minute detail. RedPrairie empowers optimization for every step in your process, from before material arrives on your dock to until your customer receives their order on time and in full.

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Effective RedPrairie implementation increase revenues through system and process optimization allowing your business to operate like
a well oiled machine every shift, everyday.

Supply Chain Management
Software Suite

RedPrairie's three supply chain software stacks include warehouse management systems (WMS). transportation management systems (TMS) and workforce management (WFM) software. Each system is developed from the ground up using a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) technology framework.

Have the tools to understand and optimize your warehouse teams and enable the the most agile, efficient and lean distribution operation possible maximizing Supply Chain ROI. Industry Spotlight: See how RedPrairie has been helping the grocery/drug retailers for over 30 years. See Industry Overview.

Solutions4Business delivers at every stage of RedPrairie implementation

Audit and Assessment
By partnering with your implementation team we help determine your needs and create an implementation strategy that is clearly understood by all stakeholders, thus ensuring project delivers the desired state.
System Architecture Development
Our solution design experts will leverage years of experience in similar environment like yours and effectively design the solution to suit the custom needs of your company.
Solution Deployment
Our reliable and experienced team will guide the deployment through commitment and will ensure smooth transitioning
Training and Transfer
The well designed training and transfer process will ensure all users to get thorough knowledge of the application to maximize use and benefits of the system.
Performance Monitoring
Our Audit and Assurance experts can help you drive towards process excellence, by analyzing the application in detail and identifying the performance bottlenecks.
Easy Integration
With the Enterprise Application Integration tool which is open to industry standards, including XML and EDI to share and exchange data with supply chain ecosystems, Integrator normally reduces or eliminates the need for additional costly middleware.
  • RedPrairie’s Warehouse Management solution offers industry’s only embedded 3D mapping, most mature service-oriented architecture and a comprehensive RFID enabled solution for distribution and inventory management. Download Product Sheet here.
  • Greatest return on Supply Chain investment by optimizing every move in the DC, operations run more smoothly, accurately and efficiently.
  • RedPrairie’s Warehouse Management Technology covers Labor management, Distributed Order management, Duty Management, Inventory Operations, Work Order Processing, Outbound operations and Asset management. RedPrairie Warehouse management enables you to manage the entire operation of multi-user warehouses within a single system and meets the specific requirements using standard functionality.

Our proven implementation team with in depth knowledge of RedPrairie warehouse management system helps clients to build the efficient system in short span.

RFID enablement

RedPrairie offers highly modular applications to RFID-enable manufacturing, distribution and Retail operations. This provides a One stop source for meeting EPC/ISO retail compliance requirements.

RedPrairie SOA

Based solutions provide configurable workflow to enable customers to easily adapt processing to changing business requirements without time-consuming and costly customization. Explore one of the most mature SOA technology in the market. Learn more.

Asset Management

RedPrairie provides an automated solution for mobile Asset visibility and security to improve asset utilization and capital deployment, reduce loss, and ensure regulatory compliance.

Duty Management

Duty Management simplifies and automates the day-to day complexities of handling bonded goods, ensuring efficient compliance with Customs & Excise legislation. It offers duty management functionality with optional integrated Warehouse Management, or can be interfaced to your commercial systems. Learn more.
  • RedPrairie’s Transportation Management is the only TMS that allows you to plan the most cost efficient shipments across all modes including parcel and fleet movements in a single optimization engine.
  • RedPrairie’s Global Transportation Management solution provides a comprehensive multi modal functionality from procurement through settlement.
  • RedPrairie Transportation tools, specifically the optimization engine, were superior to other tools available in the market. Transportation Management will optimize your shipments and freight settlement, provide global visibility and event management, and display results with graphical performance management analysis.
  • RedPrairie systems offer comprehensive functionality, a services oriented architecture, and web deployment. It means systems that are intuitive, graphical and simple to configure – systems that make transportation management easier, more visible, and highly adaptive, not just more efficient.
  • RedPrairie’s continuous planning and execution engine (COPLEX® Routing Optimization) is an advanced optimization capability within RedPrairie’s Transportation Management solution. It provides real-time optimization of transportation planning and automatic release of constructed loads for execution. Download Sales sheet here
  • Important Resources: Click to download Product Sheet, Click to download Sales Sheet

Our proven implementation team with in depth knowledge of RedPrairie Transportation management
facilitates clients for effective use of the system.

Structured Procurement process

RedPrairie Procurement functionality allows you to take a strategic approach to procurement that is more efficiant, faster and produces better results while building improved relations with carries.


Transportation Management handles all of the intricacies of planning shipments domestically, internationally, or intra-Europe. Its integrated Global Trade Management functionality ensures compliance with international trade regulations, including duties, tariffs and denied party screening

Web-based Collaboration

RedPrairie's web-based communication portal connects shippers, suppliers, Carriers, customers, stories and remote sites to provide both to provide both visibility and interaction between all participants

Freight settlement

Transportation Management allows shippers to automate carrier settlement through match and pay or self-invoicing.
  • RedPrairie’s Workforce Management provides powerful workforce modeling tools that allow you to perform what-if analysis balancing various corporate strategies, budget priorities and labor forecasts to arrive at the most optimal labor plan for your business
  • Model workforce requirements based on strategies, forecasted labor and budget constraints
  • RedPrairie’s Workforce Management will transforming the Workplace for an Agile, Accountable, and Efficient Enterprise
  • RedPrairie offers proven change management programme that gets all players involved and on the same page, willingly and collectively working to produce sustainable workplace transformation
  • RedPrairie Workforce Management and Task Management Solutions: Can Workforce Management be Effective without Task Management? Download White Paper here.
  • Important Resources: Click to download Product Sheet, Click to download Sales Sheet.

Our proven implementation team with in depth knowledge of RedPrairie Workforce management
facilitates clients for effective use of the system.

Strategic Project Management

We provide highly experienced consultants provide a full range of strategic project management services to lead customers through this game-changing transformation.

Change Management

An eight-step change management programme. This provides the training, skills, attitude, and frame of frame of mind required to succeed in a performance-focused culture

Enabling Technologies

It supports and automates the business transformation process. It provides the speed, accuracy, data capture and advanced optimization algorithms needed to maximize the value of the programme.

Business Transformation

Identifies the gap between your current operations and industry best practices, and provides a step-by-step process to transform your organization into a performance-focused workforce culture that is motivated to achieve your corporate goals
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