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A Merger that changes the future

Exceptional analytical skills and expertise is needed for shaping a profitable and seamless merger. Successful mergers and acquisitions carve the company’s future.

Risk mitigation in
mergers and acquisitions

Mergers and acquisitions tend to always take place in the glare of the spotlight. These are high-visibility endeavors that come loaded with risk. S4B has helped some of the largest consumer goods companies with merging their processes and systems.

Maintaining consistent customer service and inventories during the crucial transitional period is a challenge companies have to face and we help you doing it seamlessly.

Our Process includes managing

  • sysintegrationSystem integrations
  • CustomerServiceCustomer Service
  • InventoriesInventories
  • ForecastconversionsForecast conversions
  • ForecastconversionsStrategy conversions
  • ForecastconversionsEnterprise Data

Customer Voice

Working with Solutions4Business, was a refreshing experience. You were never made to feel inadequate by the firm’s personnel and you were always treated as a business partner in a learning experience. During the Alberto Culver integration into Unilever, Solutions4Business was with my team every step of the way during the critical deployment phase of the project. Their expertise was vital during the testing stages of the project, data scrubbing exercises, training, business simulations, data loads, and post go live intensive care and user tutorials which reinforced applications learned during the earlier training sessions. With Solutions4Business, you are always an equal partner as they combine your business experiences with their technical training and as they align the business models needed to fit your organization’s requirements. Solutions4Business provides end state solutions which are sorely missed by many consultants, and their daily personal integration and “deep dive” knowledge of your business, how it works, and what it needs to maximize the return on its efforts leads to the successful completion of projects for Solutions4Business and its clients. The Alberto Culver integration was an overwhelming success because we took our first step into the project with Solutions4Business by our side!

- Peter Biagiotti (Planning Project Lead, Alberto Culver Integration , Unilever NA)


Alberto Culver and Unilever Integration

Learn how we helped two of the largest Consumer Goods brands undergo an M&A transition smoothly.


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