SAP® Practice Overview

Solutions4Business deep industry knowledge, technical know-how and delivery capabilities helps you to drive breakthrough results. We can help your business leverage SAP® in areas such as analytics, cloud, and mobility, to deliver value and innovation.

Wherever clients are positioned in the SAP® lifecycle, we deliver the highest quality SAP® solutions through our SAP® practitioners, techniques and methodologies, investments in research and innovation.

  • Cloud Solutions
  • Data Services
  • Functional Solutions
  • HANA Solutions
  • Outsourcing

Cloud Solutions

Our SAP® Cloud methodology ensure a consistent approach
from solution planning to service delivery.

Most organizations are investing in the digital tools and capabilities in order to evaluate, analyze, share, manage, and most importantly, act on useful data. Many are leveraging SAP® Cloud to underpin the capabilities needed to complete their digital transformations.

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  • Want to put the latest technologies to work for your business? Our solutions can help you take advantage of cloud technology giving you the flexibility and control you need to drive agility and innovation every day.
  • Establish unfailing End to End business processes across your operations and eliminate waste by minimizing miscommunications and removing redundant data entry tasks.
  • Empower your finance team to become more efficient and strategic through modern cloud solutions. Streamline accounting processes to gain vision and insight to performance results of the organization allowing them to make better decisions.
  • Cloud-based virtualization of servers and storage reduced physical servers is the key phenomenon for our strategy.
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Our solutions offer an unparalleled user experience, all built with mobile access in mind

  • Better enable mobile workforce and responsive to changing business needs
  • Improve alignment with Customers, Suppliers and Partners
  • Drive cost efficiencies which are very important
  • Better leverage data to provide insight to provide insightful business decisions
  • Product development/innovation with Cloud
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SAP® HANA Solutions

With SAP® HANA you can maximize the benefits of the business data that you have from in-memory Database Technology combined with Real time access to larger data volumes providing you with better business insight.

SAP® HANA arrived at a moment where hardware advances have brought the ability to gather and store massive amounts of data at relative ease.

SAP® HANA is not just about improving the speed of data processing and analytic computations; in-memory technology enables transformation of the business with actionable information, delivered in the applicable form to the right place at the right time.

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Solutions4Business delivers superior HANA Service Solutions.

  • Let the Solutions4Business team provide you with the tools to dominate your business data in ways like never before, get critical business insight easier and faster than you ever thought possible, discovering untapped opportunities .
  • SAP® HANA overcomes the operational time lag by running its queries in-memory. It delivers unprecedented speed and accuracy from complex data queries.
  • SAP® HANA allows companies to run multiple queries in parallel, without performance degradation.
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SAP HANA enables business analysts to develop intricate, predictive models for any scenario your business faces.

  • Predict Challenges before they arrive overcome them strategically with SAP® HANA
  • SAP® HANA platform changes the cost equation through simplification. It can help save costs on hardware and software, as well as reduce labor
  • Transform your business with Dramatic IT simplification with SAP® HANA
  • Change the cost equation through simplification with HANA platform

HANA benefits can include:

  • Immediate access to relevant information
  • Less reliance on IT for analysis
  • Better decisions more quickly
  • Flexible, cost-effective approach
  • Real-time access to large data volumes.
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Data Services

Our approach is designed to deliver results at every stage and to unleash the potential of stagnant business data being transformed into a competitive advantage.

Data plays a significant role in realizing and harvesting new opportunities for your business. Robust data design, conversion and management is a critical consideration in driving the growth of your business.

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Poor Data Quality is the primary reason for of all business initiatives failing.

Solutions4Business offers services In the areas of

  • Data Profiling
  • Data validation
  • Data Quality assessment
  • Data Cleansing.
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Let the Solutions4Business team partner with you to effectively and efficiently mange your business data at every stage of the process.

Customer Relationship Management:

With business engagement, there is ownership of data validation and quality ensuring that your business data is delivered complete, accurate and accessible when it is needed.

Data Cleansing Services:

Detecting and correcting (or removing) corrupt or records from a record set, table, or database. Ensure the quality of go-live data required for accurate Supply Chain engagement, financial balance reconciliation and inventory valuations is readily available for your teams

Data Integration services:

Our team works to understand your existing client data and will help you prepare the required technical and Business conversion Rules, weather they are Manual or Automated to convert seamlessly from the SourceSystem.

Functional Solutions

Our supply chain management capability lets our clients streamline and optimize their critical planning processes maximizing SAP® utilization in their business process.

SAP® integration with suppliers collaborative technology helps saving Time and Cost.


Organizations have unprecedented quantities of data and they want easy, fast, intuitive access to it in real time. They want their data to be at their fingertips, whenever they want and wherever they are. We deliver analytics solutions that drive competitive advantage, reduce costs and increase revenue.

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Solutions4Business offers various functional solutions.

Supply Chain Management:

Our SCM includes Forecasting, Distribution and production planning. Detailed production scheduling, Inventory allocation to customer order Backorder processing, Demand/supply collaboration with supplier and customer, Transportation planning and Vehicle Scheduling.

Customer Relationship Management:

Our CRM technology provide for integrated, industry-specific processes to support customer-facing departments in marketing, sales and service. We also offer powerful analytics and enable a 360-degree view across all customer touch points and channels, including the Internet, interaction centers, field reps and channel partners.

Finance and Performance Management:

Our SAP® Financials capabilities create value by improving our clients' ability to: Provide maximum efficiency in core finance functions, such as record-to-report, purchase-to-pay and order-to-cash.

SAP® Cloud:

Our Cloud for SAP® is a completely integrated IT solution that combines virtualization, networking, computing, storage, and management technologies with end-to-end vendor accountability.


Every dollar you invest in your enterprise systems needs to generate a positive return. To help you maximize this payback, we apply our SAP® product knowledge and industry understanding to help you to identify and harness the fullest possible business benefits from your enterprise systems spend.

Our focus is to find the right solution for your Business. We will navigate the optimal path through flexible, cost-competitive application and infrastructure outsourcing services which are designed toreduce your total cost of ownership while increasing value realization.

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Solutions4Business offers Application Outsourcing Services.

  • Partner with Solutions4Business to evaluate your Business Process and help your team connect the dots to realize what options there are to reduce SAP® system complexity and cost.
  • Application Outsourcing Services: Our AOS provides an extensive, customized analysis of your existing SAP® environment that generates a clear, accelerated transition path and ongoing guidance to drive continuous improvement across all aspects of your SAP application landscape.
  • Infrastructure Outsourcing Services: In the competitive business environment, coupled with a volatile economic climate, demands that organizations do more with less.
  • In addition to reducing costs, IT infrastructure outsourcing provides a management model whereby organizations can move away from complex and inefficient IT environments and, instead, build IT capabilities that are more scalable, agile, reliable and responive to business needs.
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  • Enterprise Performance
  • Analytics and Business Intelligence
  • Cloud
  • CRM
  • Finance and Performance Management
  • Governance
  • Risk and Compliance
  • Data Management
  • Service-Oriented Architecture
  • Supply Chain
  • Sustainability and Upgrades

Solutions4Business offers various
functional solutions

Outsourcing Solutions:

Our flexible and cost-competitive application outsourcing services for SAP® can help organizations increase productivity, reduce total cost of ownership and improve service execution and reliability.

Data conversion services:

Data conversion is not just about moving data. Crucially, it is about ensuring that the data works in the target system, that it is consistent and that its high quality can be assured.

SAP Cloud:

Our Cloud for SAP® is a completely integrated IT solution that combines virtualization, networking, computing, storage, and management technologies with end-to-end vendor accountability.

Functional Solutions:

We offer SAP® applications with deep industry knowledge, functional insights and experience. Our SAP product knowledge and industry understanding help you to identify and harness the maximum possible business benefits from your enterprise systems investment.

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