Solutions4Business Unveils Global Rebrand

Corporate Identity

Individual Division Branding

New branding better aligns the Solutions4Business brand and all its divisions with its line of work, customer expectations and direction of the company.

NEW YORK - September 9th, 2014: Solutions4Business, Inc. a global provider of management and technology consulting services for customers from a multitude of industries, announced today its global rebrand which includes a new logo, company color and standardization of tagline “Innovative Ideas. Superior Execution.” This corporate rebrand coincides with the launch of its rebranded and engineered technology solutions: Datatooth, Supply Chain Temps and KnowledgON, the next-generation cloud and web based productivity applications, staffing portal & services and e-Learning respectively. The new fresh, modern look along with the new tagline reinforces Solutions4Business’ brand positioning and the company’s dedication to forward-looking development.

The corporate rebrand was born out of an initiative to simplify Solutions4Business’s mission statement to one that clearly and concisely stated the company’s strength and its purpose: “Enriching execution and efficiency through continuous innovation.” The goal of simplicity lead to the redesigned, much cleaner logo and the new tagline that better reflects who we are and how we represent ourselves. “Innovative Ideas. Superior Execution” was chosen as the tag line as it speaks to company’s tireless effort to deliver innovative solutions to its clients.

Since 2004, Solutions4Business’s clients have appreciated continuous product updates not only in additional feature functionality, but also a complete shift in the underlying technologies. Solutions4Business is unique in the industry whereby, it has gone through generational shifts in underlying processes and technologies from launching its first Supply Chain engagement in 2004 with one of the largest Consumer Goods companies, Technology Consulting in 2005 with a large Merger & Acquisition engagement with two Fortune 100 companies, and followed with expansion into the other divisions and industry sectors in the coming years in this decade. Solutions4Business re-invents its model and approach yet again, with the announcement of a new spin-off brand “Datatooth”, a product suite based on the proven BCP platform, which are easy to use, simple to configure, and offer a promise of low maintenance costs. The product is based on a patented “positional” database platform which enables companies to rapidly create, maintain, and update business data within the familiar Excel environment while securely and reliably managing this business data across any number of desktop and other data environments.

“Our promise to our clients is to protect their investment in supply chain, technology and a variety of other core business functions and help them yield effective ROI from their investments.” said Prateek Parakh, CEO, Solutions4Business, Inc. “As a company we wanted to make that commitment to our clients clear to the market. Solutions4Business is continuously working to innovate our products, our processes and the services we provide to improve the efficiency of our clients operations. This rebrand emphasizes the market-leading solutions while better aligning the company’s marketing message and brand identity with who we are.”

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