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A cross-functional business process can help companies navigate through the volatility in the business cycle.

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“Lean S&OP” combines the principles of “waste reduction” with S&OP “cross functional fact based decision making forum”. Lean S&OP can be thought of as a “power steering” to manage the business. A cross-functional business process that can help companies navigate through the volatility in the business cycle.

S4B team identifies the underlying drivers of demand and supply variability within your supply chain. Our consultants help you balance customer service requirements, working capital investment, and customer and product portfolios. Our suggestions aim at assisting you to achieve the maximum performance from your current inventory investments and network capacity as well as plan for future growth.

Client teams will be guided extensively through our principles of Lean S&OP which include:

  • Reduce the clutter and complexity in the Product Portfolio
  • Segment the Product Portfolio and develop forecasting methodology for each segment
  • Maintain the Product Portfolio Productivity
  • Create Clear RACI’s for all functions involved in the S&OP process
  • Senior Executives to act as S&OP champions


Identifying and eliminating the waste in the S&OP process is the part of our activity along with consistent:

  • Over or under forecasting
  • Demand drivers missing structure/process
  • Dysfunctional innovation planning
  • Obsolescence

The success of S&OP principles depends much more on people and process than on technology. Cross functional participation at every level and every step is a must. Zero Bias is a must!

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