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Create success benchmark with a comprehensive and open supply chain that will play an instrumental role in your growth history.

In this extremely competitive era, companies need a strong supply chain as a backbone which will keep the company upright and steady. We understand your unique business requirements and offer pertinent solutions that improve supply and demand alignment.

We deliver pin point accuracy on GMP requirements and what is needed to satisfy the inevitable audit process.

The team at S4B has the industry experience to provide practical recommendations and advice on the implementation of Systems, Policies, SOP’s and Formats that will direct your team to where they need to be.

The S4B team has an in depth understanding of numerous manufacturing industry sectors. Reap the benefits of our teams experience to help you navigate the complexities of requirements and have the peace of mind knowing that your team understands what “right” looks like, and is performing that way every day. GMP documents that are filed away or sitting in a dusty binder in the manager’s office are not effective and have limited impact on team members doing the actual work. We will help you engage your teams and have them take ownership of what needs to be done.

S4B consulting philosophy involves team building and partnerships that combine substantial training with extensive work in the area of GMP compliance. As your partner, our goal is to ensure that compliance is built into every operations process. We help you understand “the why” behind “the what” of GMP regulations. Our knowledge and practical experience can help your training program, operations and teams be “audit ready” with the many services we offer, some of which are listed below.

services we offer


Get crystal clear clarity on what is required to be “compliant” and why it is important for your teams to really understand the need. We will help you engage your teams and have them take ownership of what needs to be done.

You have GMPs in place but are they clear and robust enough to meet the need? Do the teams have a firm grasp on what they should be doing and how to do it? Our team will help identify the “soft” areas on your program and assist embedding them into your process where needed.

GMPGap analysis

Once your revised GMP processes are in place we will test them and see how your team and systems would perform during an Audit, learnings from this process are an invaluable way to course correct as needed for future success.

The S4B team will meet your need for GMP training, we will be available day or night to ensure the transfer of knowledge required is delivered effectively and efficiently with clear and easy to understand materials.

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