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Reliable data is vital to enterprise collaboration and spreadsheets critical for analysing and presenting data meaningfully.

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Every modern enterprise has to deal with highly distributed data used by globally spread teams operating as single organizational unit. Use of spreadsheets though further contributes to data fragmentation,
making access to real time data difficult.

Solutions4Business presents enterprise collaboration products and services that allow your organization to focus on core business objectives and prevent deviation into the expensive and technically complex world of data management, data migration and integration.

Facilitating access control at a spreadsheet’s cell level, our enterprise collaboration products and services allow you to freely and securely access all your data in real time. You work in the familiar collaborative environment of spreadsheets while ensuring access to all essential backend data without concerns around physical locations and sources.

Solutions4Business ensures :

Effortless Data Access
Use of popular spreadsheet software to effortlessly use and analyse highly distributeddata.
Automated Change Management
Ability to view changes to data in real time using automated consolidation features.
Enterprise Data Integration
Gaps are bridged between desktop level workflow tools and data from existing enterprise systems.
Works with ERP Systems
Optimum integration with ERP systems.
Superior Cloud Collaboration
Our enterprise collaboration products ensure easy access, secure collaboration and full integrity when working with cloud data.

Solutions4Business products provide a collaborative platform for reliable data access and usage–so your teams can connect & win everytime.

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