Audit & Assurance - TL 9000 Quality Management Audit and Consulting Service

Outsource your internal audits and free up your staff to do their important tasks

Our team of experts can relieve your staff from this time consuming activity and perform these audits correctly. This will result in continued TL 9000 compliance and continuous improvement.

Have you struggled with getting resources and buy-in to make your audit program effective and valuable to your management team?

Internal Audit Assistance

Your auditors were trained a long time ago, and you’ve added new auditors who followed their lead. Partner with Solutions 4 Business and have one of our skilled auditors work side by side with each of your auditors to plan, conduct, report, and close this year’s audits. Your audits will be done more efficiently and effectively than in the past, and your auditors will learn skills on the job that will help them for years to come. We guide you through advanced planning methods that help you maximize the impact of audit interviews, and coach you to work with your colleagues to ensure that improvements are implemented quickly and thoroughly.

Outsource your Internal Audits

When people are stretched to the limit to meet aggressive business goals, it’s hard to take time from demanding projects to focus on effective audits. Internal auditors have little time for developing skills, planning audits, writing reports, and following up to see that gaps are closed, let alone tracking down the right people to interview without multiple reschedules. When Solutions 4 Business consultants take on your audit program, our expertise allow us to manage your audit program with exceptional efficiency. Is it worth your time to conduct all of your internal audits? Is your team capable of finding and reporting results that actually provide value? Many of our clients prefer to hire us so that their employees can focus on serving customers and solving your unique business problems that can’t be outsourced.

Our time tested approach involves the following:

  • Detailed audit plan/s covering all affected processes and measurements
  • Detailed interviews coupled with an examination of objective evidence
  • Coaching relative to the product / process corrective actions
  • Review of implemented corrective actions for effectiveness
  • Final report indicating nonconformities and opportunities for improvement

Implementing a compliant system is the best way to demonstrate your organization's ability to consistently provide products or services to your customers and meet statutory and regulatory requirements. Some benefits are:

  • Meet customer demands for registration / compliance
  • Increase revenues and overcome your competitors
  • Become an approved supplier
  • Increase credibility of your organization's products or services due certification
  • Improve operations, efficiency and reduce risks within your organization

The Solutions4Business approach assures success!

We work closely with the client so that the implemented system provides the maximum organizational benefit. The process generally involves:

  • Perform gap analysis
    Areas where there is not full compliance are identified and documented. A detailed project plan is then created
  • Design System Documentation
    Documentation includes policies, manual, procedures, work instructions and forms. Our experts work with the client to develop compliant and useful
    company-wide documentation.
  • Implementation Training
    The necessary training and coaching is provided to the relevant personnel through various delivery platforms and formats by our audit experts.
  • Pre-Certification Audit
    Prior to the third party registration audit, we perform a complete system audit. A detailed report is issued containing the nonconformities.
    Assistance is then provided to implement the needed corrective action
  • Coordinate Certification
    We assist with the planning and coordination of the third party registration audit
  • Get Certified and Sustain!
    Upon successful certification, we help plan a sustaining effort so that the client remains compliant.
    We can also perform periodic internal audits thus relieving the client of this burden
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