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Recovering Potential ROI from Your Enterprise Systems

Our audit process is designed to improve efficiencies and operational quality. We partner to accomplish your business objectives by bringing in a systematic & disciplined approach to evaluate and improve the effectiveness of your systems, processes, reports and master data maintenance.

Managing Business Complexity requires the right Expertise

Sound implementation of corporate strategy is achieved through a reliable and highly usable systems capability resulting from periodic expert audits. With constantly changing regulations and customer requirements, the way forward for businesses is innovation in operations, information tracking, timely product delivery, new product launches, client acquisition and maintaining customer Loyalty. Information systems that are not only functional but are also highly usable address the achievement of these success factors satisfactorily.

Solutions4Business' enterprise systems audit framework is designed to ensure information system reliability resulting in:

  • Enhanced productivity
  • Excellent Data quality & Usable Analytics
  • A Collaborative Work Culture
  • An informed Operational and Executive decision making process

With a reliable Information System, you work effortlessly in today's competitive and fast paced business environments to stay ahead of the competition.

Solutions4Business experts support you in understanding the gaps and opportunities that exist in your current systems landscape. By deploying our proven audit framework, you can extract full ROI from your existing IT investments. We transform your enterprise system for efficient and reliable operations to put you ahead of your competitors.

Assessment Services

measure compliance and identify improvement opportunities with the following offerings:

  • System usage assessment and process alignment with Strategic and Operational Goals
  • Training Documentation quality and Knowledge repository evaluation
  • Assessment of Systems setup guidelines by business scenarios and identifying opportunities for improvements
  • Evaluation of compliance by user community against established standards and suggest preventive or corrective actions identify gaps and recommend enhancements by Mapping business needs to systems capabilities
  • Evaluating quality of current KPIs and their relevance in driving improvements

Fix Services

  • We collaborate with the clients to effect changes in Systems and Business processes with our following improvement services
  • Ensure professional Master Data Management and Workflow changes to get systems in alignment with business objectives
  • Establish or tweak, as necessary Standard Operating Procedures, in collaboration with your teams for operational clarity and improved decision making.
  • Enhance the Training material utilizing a proprietary ‘Learning Path Model’
  • Enhance System Performance KPIs to improve the business value delivered
  • Train user community in the standard operating procedures and best practices
  • Bring about organizational awareness and create a culture of best practice compliance where applicable

Organizations incur huge capital expenditure to acquire and maintain Enterprise Systems. Solutions4Business’ experts deliver performance and measurable business value from your Information Technology investments.

Customer Voice

“My experience with Solutions4Business has been in one word; Outstanding! I have had many experiences over the past couple years working with Solutions4Business and in every instance the responsiveness, attention to detail, and deliverables have far exceeded all of my expectations. Most recently I worked with Solutions4Business to complete an SAP/APO audit project of the AP/Deo Category. During the project, Solutions4Business was extremely conscientious of my time. They used efficient methods of gathering information, validating networks, and executing the agreed changes; the time investment on my part was exponentially returned in terms of Customer Service increases, Inventory reductions, Increased system utilization and a significant reduction in the amount of time spent weekly planning manually in APO. I would highly recommend Solutions4Business to any company looking for an outsourced audit solution with very little time and effort commitment on their part.”

- David W. Chakrin, Innovation Planning - Deodorants - Dove, Unilever NA


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