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Being in business today is like riding a bicycle “stop pedaling and you fall off”. The pedaling is akin to continuous improvement relative to cost, quality and customer service.

Organizations that do not have active improvement programs tend to get “eaten up” by their competition. The implementation strategies utilized in the western world may not work in other world regions. The approach needs to be customized to fit the culture of the particular region.

To be successful, it takes the correct tailored approach

Notwithstanding the fact that improvement tools are somewhat universal, the same implementation approach may not work in all world regions. Many westerners apply a universal approach overseas and do not understand why their improvement efforts are not successful. Culture plays an important role in success and Solutions 4 Business knows how to successfully navigate it for success.

We staff foreign nationals, some with expertise in the Asian culture and others who are at home in Latin America. We have successfully led improvement projects in both the regions and know what works. Working with our clients, we tailor approach according to culture. This maximizes return on investment and drives continual improvements. During project execution we provide coaching and guidance to both sides so that these gains are sustained.

Customer Story

A large Asian organization realized an yearly savings of $14 Million due to the efforts of a
Solutions4Business consultant.

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