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Forget about managing large inventories and costs. Align your purchasing, manufacturing and distribution with seamlessly integrated solutions

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With a strong commitment and superior consulting passion, Solutions4Business is expanding at a greater pace with an ultimate aim of its name being embarked in Fortune 100. An evangelistic approach by the entire team and a repeated winning experience offers complete solutions for the companies.

Supply Chain - Supplier Selection Service by Solutions4Business

Supplier Selection

We collectively put in our best shot to streamline your supply selection process and get it streamlined. Our well oriented strategy from exceptional talents produce well planned blueprints to mitigate monetary risks and augmented profits.

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Supply Chain - Cost Reduction Service by Solutions4Business

Cost Reduction

We know consulting is not just related to the talking but an intelligent holistic approach with an aim of long-term growth, product lifecycle management and sustained efficiency. S4B puts its heart and soul to leverage your company with proven models and successful experience of cost reduction techniques.

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Supply Chain - Quality Improvement Service by Solutions4Business

Quality Improvement

Ergonomic methods followed for observation ideologies and problem tracking, S4B aims at offering the highest quality delivery for increased productivity and revenue.

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Supply Chain - Good Manufacturing Practices Service by Solutions4Business

Good Manufacturing Practices

S4B’s commitment to maintain a company culture that employers love to work at and feel proud about brings the best in them. Making the maximum use of industry experience and extraordinary talents, surety of the goods being manufactured and controlled according to the quality standards and authenticate licensing is inevitable.

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Supply Chain - On Time Delivery Service by Solutions4Business

On-time Delivery

With the one and only goal of being called as one of the top most strategic consulting firms, we understand the importance of timely delivery. So, meet the increasingly multifarious and volatile demands by maintaining the punctuality factor in the global market with the help of our aligned processes including purchasing, manufacturing and distribution.

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Supply Chain - Selection in Low-Cost Regions Service by Solutions4Business

Supply Chain Selection in Low-Cost Regions

S4B will help companies to have a better vision of supply chain segmentation for bigger efficiency gains with our proven track record of delivering value-driven results for our clients.

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Supply Chain - Lean Sales & Operations Planning Service by Solutions4Business

Lean Sales & Operations Planning

We assist you in implementation and effective use of augmented customer service, reduced inventories, minimize manufacturing, service costs and distribution, proper control of the entire financial performance of business, increased teamwork and business alignment through our robust S&OP processes.

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Supply Chain - Demand Planning Service by Solutions4Business

Demand Planning

Our effective demand planning processes enhances revenue forecast accuracy, align levels of inventory with troughs and peaks in demand, and improve profitability for a given product and channel.

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Supply Chain - Segmentation Service by Solutions4Business

Supply Chain Segmentation

It is dynamic response to supply capabilities and alignment if customer channel demands for achievement of net profits across each segment. Our design operations meet end-to-end value chains optimized by unification of product attribute, customer value, capabilities of manufacture and supply, and considerations of business values.

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Supply Chain - Third Party Manufacturing Service by Solutions4Business

Third Party Manufacturing

This customer centric service will help customers handle tough supplier issues and extend supply chain management resources under the guidance of our seasoned professional team.

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Supply Chain - Logistics Service by Solutions4Business


Radically outsourced model of S4B enables smoother access to newer and greater markets by development of the product and global presence. It enhances margins by offering variable transaction costs, risk mitigation, service delivery for better process control.

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Supply Chain - Warehousing Service by Solutions4Business


By utilizing our comprehensive warehousing experience, our flexible approach, lets you enjoy variable capacity and scalable storage costs on the organic or seasonality business progress.

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Supply Chain - Promotional Planning Management Service by Solutions4Business

Promotional Planning Management

S4B’s top notch promotional management strategies help minimize complexity through a completely integrated planning solution crafted to focus for current retail venues.

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Supply Chain - Waste Management Service by Solutions4Business

Waste Reduction Management

Examines each product for minimizing raw material wastage. S4B will initially take measures to avoid waste during the production process; yet if any persists, we will advise the proper reuse of the waste instead of discarding it along with the maintenance of improved quality.

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Supply Chain - Product Lifecycle Management Service by Solutions4Business

Product Lifecycle Management

Deliver commendable products through every phase of product cycle, manage process and design documents, material billing, electron file repository and secured access to accelerate product development.

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Supply Chain - Distribution Requirement Planning Service by Solutions4Business

Distribution Requirement Planning

S4B allows better manipulation of company’s supply chain with its unique deployment strategies to utilize the resources and materials at hand while conveying measurable results.

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Supply Chain - Mergers and Acquistions Service by Solutions4Business

Mergers & Acquisition

S4B assists you in analyzation, integration and refining operations to ensure the generation of anticipated value through acquisition and strengthening further processes and collaborations and spot the opportunities to target better pricing and power buying.

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Supply Chain - Sustainability Service by Solutions4Business


Achieve high performance levels of business with us ensuring you the safety of your products, people and assets to boost your profits by minimizing energy consumption and pacing the product development while offering transparency to all the stakeholders.

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