Technology Consulting Services by Solutions4Business

Technology Implementation for Lean Optimization

Solutions4Business' seasoned consulting team can design, implement and sustain cutting edge solutions for successful handling of complex and risk averse client organizational situations.

Strategy + Execution = Success

Solutions4Business offers technological solutions pertaining to both strategy and implementation in order to streamline the global operations, raise productivity standards and drive transformation. Our innovative and practical strategies interlink solutions with measurable goals to help your business leverage an competitive advantage.

Enterprise Resource Planning By Solutions4Business

Enterprise Resource Planning

We help organizations improve operating margins and drive revenue growth with industry-specific and market leading processes, strategies for Oracle, SAP, JDA, Manugistics and i2 solutions.

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SAP Consulting Services By Solutions4Business

SAP Consulting Practice

Solutions4Business deep industry knowledge, technical know-how and delivery capabilities helps you to drive breakthrough results. We can help your business leverage SAP® in areas such as analytics, cloud, and mobility, to deliver value and innovation.

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Ideation to Strategy. Our Consultants will deliver sustainable strategies to ensure results from your investments.

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JDA/Redprairie Consulting By Solutions4Business


World Class Warehouse operations effectively manage all aspects of every activity, down to the most minuet detail.

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Design for Manufacturablity By Solutions4Business

Design for Manufacturablity

Product Design Optimization objectives are adhered to in an enterprise with our extensive study of cost, manufacturability, maintainability and reliability for integrated product development.

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Product Lifecycle Management Technology by Solutions4Business

Product Lifecycle Management Technology

Solutions4Business’ technologies include radio frequency identification (RFID), bar code systems, product management and customer benefits by maintaining the value of the product and easier re-sale.

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Office Virtualization By Solutions4Business

Office Virtualization

Eliminate hardware running costs and switch to better managed cloud solutions and endpoints through virtual desktop environments. Solutions4Business addresses the need of streamlining the migration process including softwares and applications.

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Web Application Development By Solutions4Business

Web Application Development

We build best selling and world class applications tailored for varied specifications for numerous platforms.Our dedicated team of employees with immense passion for technology, transforms your dreams into reality.

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Enterprise Collaboration By Solutions4Business

Enterprise Collaboration

Enterprise collaboration is immensely powered by websites and emails. With Solutions4Business and datatooth, gain an easy access to strategic platforms for enabling sharing of ideas, information and building a connected enterprise.

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Cloud Services By Solutions4Business

Cloud Services

With solutions4business, use your phone more than just an office commodity. Our features and performance scalability facets transform your phones into business tools giving augmented pace and loaded capacity.

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Web Development & Integration By Solutions4Business

Web Development & Integration

Solutions4Business offers full range of web integration and web development solutions that employ distinct powerful tools. Our team is very extremely sensitive to the total ownership cost and deployment time as per the clients’ needs.

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Performance & Learning Management By Solutions4Business

Performance & Learning Management

Solutions4Business' integrated performance and learning management process ensures organizational alignment to achieve individual goals for maximum benefits.

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Enterprise Content Management By Solutions4Business

Enterprise Content Management

In the Information age, business generates huge volumes of data and content. Prioritizing and managing content across the enterprise drives efficiency, innovation and revenues. Our solutions team with their expertise will help you redefine content discovery and storage.

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Systems Integration By Solutions4Business

Systems Integration

We help clients focus on their strenuous integration challenges in the lifecycle of technology. We provide a ‘whole company’ outlook to every project; be it testing, deployment, architecture or even more.

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Enterprise Reporting Automation By Solutions4Business

Enterprise Reporting Automation

Tableau, Business Objects etc - Solutions4Business offers robust product support with Tableau desktop, maintaining both corporate internal analysis and timely client deliverables.

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Business Process Management Technology By Solutions4Business

Business Process Management Technology

Solutions4Business’ Business Process Management Technology provides an authenticate business driven approach for establishing, socially efficient end-to-end business processes.

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Customer Relationship Management By Solutions4Business

Customer Relationship Management

Solutions4Business harnesses your end-to-end enterprise with a deep insight of customer values and personalized engagement to thrive in the competition.

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