Audit Assurance Services By Solutions4Business

Planned Methods for Risk Management

The effectiveness of company’s augmented performance can be tracked best through its corporate scaling pertaining to regular evaluation. At S4B, you will be guided despite of compliance complexities.

Inspired by Prediction, Proven by Results!

Preliminary Actions for Assured Solutions

The effectiveness of company’s augmented performance is tracked best through corporate scaling pertaining to regular evaluation. S4B guides despite of compliance complexities.

We cling onto high quality assurance services delivery commitment and this is held at the heart of what we do. We offer comprehensively designed audit and assurance services to deliver underpin and real value confidence of the investor. S4B will stand right next to you for value driven business through quality assurance services.

Audit & Assurance - ISO Compliance Service by Solutions4Business

ISO Compliance Audit and Consulting

Our experts help organizations accomplish their goals by introducing a disciplined and systematic approach to improve and evaluate the effectiveness of governance and control processes and risk management. Benefits include consistent manufacturing and improvement of the products meeting customer, statutory and regulatory needs.

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Audit & Assurance - TL 9000 Quality Management Audit and Consulting Service

TL 9000 Quality Management Audit and Consulting

Our team of experts can relieve your staff from this time consuming activity and perform these audits correctly. This will result in continued TL 9000 compliance and continuous improvement.

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Audit & Assurance - Enterprise Systems & Operations Service  by Solutions4Business

Enterprise Systems and Operations

Adhering to ERP Technology, S4B audits business process alignment, resource training and cross-functional process.

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Project Assurance by Solutions4Business

Project Assurance

Our high core planning technologies and well versed strategies offering successful results help you in quality planning, test plan, methodology development, integrated testing and test script formation and execution.

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ISO 21500 Project Management Guidance by Solutions4Business

ISO 21500 Project Management Guidance

Being the first ever firm offering this service in North America, we deal with the core principles and provide generic guidance for good practices of project management.

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