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Gretta Perlmutter

Marketing and Communications Specialist at Rancho La Puerta
I am grateful for the hard work and exemplary service provided by Prateek and his team. Solutions4Business not only helped us integrate and organize all of our reservations/client data into our new Marketing Platform but they also helped us to create and implement an ongoing process to take advantage of the data that we have collected. Their staff is very flexible and they have been able to provide us with the exact support that we needed.
Roma Maxwell

Director of Sales and Marketing, Rancho La Puerta
Rancho La Puerta has been looking to scale up it’s digital presence and it needed expert guidance on how to leverage Hubspot’s marketing platform and that is where Solutions4Business (“S4B”) deep expertize in marketing automation has been of tremendous help. S4B team created a simple approach to get the Hubspot platform ready for campaigning. S4B analyzed the data from our hotel management system, loyalty program and e-mail marketing tool and was able to build a marketing smart list with multiple sets of customer attributes that ensures we can build targeted campaigns. S4B has helped us take first step in a digital transformation journey. It has been a pleasure working with them.
Doug Sloan

Senior Director, Unilever North America​
Over the past several years Unilever has invested significantly in integrated systems to better manage our business. These systems, although comprehensive, have created complexity for users leading to sub-optimal usage and reverting in some cases to the use of offline spreadsheets. We had continually focused on delivering more training to users in an effort to improve system usage with limited success. We needed a new approach. Solutions4Business’s 3 step strategy has worked well. The approach engaged our users directly, it was fact based and it was sustainable. The Solutions4Business team brought expertise and a pragmatic approach. They were able to pinpoint the underlying issues, address them directly and build a sustainable process to maintain both the master data and the user knowledge. We believe we have turned the corner and can begin to leverage our systems investments.
Lorrie Arakawa

eCommerce Analyst, Unilever North America​
Prateek and team were instrumental in creating a unique and customized Forecasting Toolkit for eCommerce Customer Development. This tool was created to increase forecasting accuracy, demand signals and analysis using proprietary data transmitted through AMPS at the UPC level – which had never been done before. I found Prateek’s in depth knowledge of the Unilever systems vital to build this enhancement. His interaction with cross-functional Unilever teams enabled us to quickly get the right people involved to action this project. Though we faced many obstacles along the way, Prateek always remained professional and was quick to work on a remedy. He continues to be diligent in ensuring that the toolkit adds efficiency and value to our team.

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