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With years of experience and successful associations with diverse industries, we offer complete training and certification solutions to wide organizational and management needs of companies.

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At S4B, we provide multifarious training programs to broaden your thinking process of terminal success achievement. Our global outreach and experience of over a century enables us to offer you completely customized cloud based learning solutions addressing your unique needs and preferences.

Fundamentals of Materials Management By Solutions4Business

Fundamentals of Materials Management

A vivid comprehension of relation between planning and forecasting, performances and tools. Imparting complete knowledge of required materials, production, economy, and product improvement areas.

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Inventory Management Foundations By Solutions4Business

Inventory Management Foundations

This coursework and workshop will provide you a complete outlook of anticipated supply and demand, and different inventory models for enhanced business operations.

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Project Management By Solutions4Business

Project Management

S4B provides various management process strategies to improve the performance of your organization. Appropriate structure regarding project's basic motive and status in achieving the desired goals will be demonstrated by our expertise.

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Program Management By Solutions4Business

Program Management

Providing various management process strategies to improve the organizational performance. Demonstrating an appropriate structure regarding project's basic motive and status in achieving the desired goals.

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Demand Management Knowledge Areas By Solutions4Business

Demand Management Knowledge Areas

Knowledge is not restricted to just information, but a proper source too. Master the demand specific knowledge for precise and optimized results with our Demand Management training program.

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Customer Service Management By Solutions4Business

Customer Service Management

Stronger the customer service, happier the customers and better the revenues. This course imparts well versed strategies right from organizing and automating to synchronizing multi domains.

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Third Party Manufacturing By Solutions4Business

Third Party Manufacturing

S4B caters a wide spectrum of business requirements to provide finishing formulations. Through our third party manufacturing framework and training, we assist the companies which lack production facilities.

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Lean Logistics By Solutions4Business

Lean Logistics

Delivering comprehensive supply chain optimization to augment competitive advantages. The coursework offers strategies and tips about benefits of fewer errors, lower supply chain costs, and faster turnaround times.

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Lean Supply Chain By Solutions4Business

Lean Supply Chain

Involves methodologies in achieving critical success factors. S4B looks for areas like planning, sourcing, manufacturing, delivery and returns to avoid wastage of resources.

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Successful Cross Border Supplier Management By Solutions4Business

Successful Cross Border Supplier Management

A complete knowledge of shorter cycle and lead times. Our benefits include lower transportation costs, custom and inspection activities and fine-mile delivery.

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Supplier Cost Reduction By Solutions4Business

Supplier Cost Reduction

Solve one of the major business challenges with S4B. We assist you in everything right from the reviewing of the potential supplier selection to achievement of lead significant savings.

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Waste Management By Solutions4Business

Waste Management

We take care of generation, characterization, prevention, monitoring, handling, treatment, reuse and residual disposition to manage waste from the products.

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ISO 21500 Project Management Guidance By Solutions4Business

ISO 21500 Project Management Guidance

Our expert audit and assurance team guides attendees on core principles, and provides detailed insights into good practices of project management, mainly guiding them through the latest ISO 21500 spec.

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SAP Systems Training: APO, ECC, BI, BO By Solutions4Business

SAP Systems Training: APO, ECC, BI, BO

Drill down the size of the business, level of proficiency, industry and preferred learning format through our professional SAP training and consulting services. Learn more by talking to our team, today.

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Operations Management By Solutions4Business

Operations Management

Deals with conversion of raw materials, energy and labor into goods and services. Our coursework ensures the responsibility of efficient business management through strategic and timely revision of operations.

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